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Releasing June 14th, 2022

Hey, Mister Marshall (St. Mary’s Rebels # 4)

A STANDALONE enemies to lovers, guardian/ward romance set in the world of St. Mary’s School for Troubled Teenagers. 

At eighteen, Poe Blyton’s life is in shambles and the reason is Alaric Marshall.

After her mom’s death, he appeared out of nowhere and became Poe’s controlling guardian. When she protested his tyranny, he had the audacity to send her away to an all-girls reform school. A school full of iron clad rules and regulations.

But at least she’s graduating soon.

Until Alaric himself arrives at the school as the new principal and takes that away from her as well.

That devil.

He’s really asking for it, isn’t he?

And Poe is going to give it to him.

It doesn’t matter that her sworn enemy has the prettiest dark eyes she’s ever seen. Or that he looks really, really good in his boring tweed jackets. So much so that she wants to rip them off his body and see what’s underneath.

Because scorching hot or not, her new principal or not, Poe is going to ruin Alaric’s life.

NOTE: This is a STANDALONE set in the world of St. Mary’s.

Saffron A Kent-cover coming soon copy 2

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Releasing November 15th, 2022

The Hatesick Diaries

A STANDALONE full-length forbidden romance in the multi-author series “blurred lines” 

Echo Adler hates Reign Davidson. He’s the reason the love of her life left her all alone and broken hearted. So it should be easy to stay away.

Only somehow it’s not and therein lies the problem.

Because along with making Echo hatesick, Reign also happens to be her ex-boyfriend’s best friend.

Full blurb to come soon!

NOTE: These characters are a part of St. Mary’s Rebels & Bad Boys of Bardstown Series.


You Beautiful Thing, You (Bad Boys of Bardstown # 1)

A St. Mary’s Rebels spin-off romance

Ledger & Tempest’s book

Meet the bad boys of Bardstown:
Ledger Thorne
Shepard Thorne
Stellan Thorne
Ark Reinhardt
Homer Davidson
Byron Bradshaw

And the girls who will reform them:
Tempest Jackson
Jupiter Jones
Isadora Holmes
Lively Newton
Maple Mayflower
Snow Jones


Oh, You’re So Cold (Bad Boys of Bardstown # 2)

A St. Mary’s Rebels spin-off romance

Stellan’s book


A Wreck, You Make Me (Bad Boys of Bardstown # 3)

A St. Mary’s Rebels spin-off romance

Shepard’s book


Bad Kind of Butterflies (Bad Boys of Bardstown # 4)

A St. Mary’s Rebels spin-off romance

Ark & Lively’s book

He’s tatted and dark eyed.
As dark as that motorcycle he rides.

My mom says that I should stay away from guys like him: Older, wiser. A player.

But how do I when he knows where I live?
When he waits outside my house and stares at my windows, all patient and vigilant, waiting for my mom to leave.
So he can then enter my house where I’m all alone and without parental supervision.

How do I stay away from him when he’s my biology tutor/unofficial babysitter’s super hot and cigarette smoking boyfriend? And when he clearly doesn’t stay away from her and by association, from me.

Full blurb to come soon!


Ruin Me, Ruin My Heart (Bad Boys of Bardstown # 5)

A St. Mary’s Rebels spin-off romance


I’m Hopeless, You’re Heartless (Bad Boys of Bardstown # 6)

A St. Mary’s Rebels spin-off romance

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