Are you working on anything new?

Yes, I am. All the new projects that I’m releasing are now on the regularly updated COMING SOON page. 

Do you currently have any audiobooks? 

Yes. All my available audiobooks can be found here. If and when I release new ones, this page will be updated. 

Do you currently have any foreign translations? 

I do, yes. I’m published in Hebrew, French, Portuguese and Italian, with more coming. Just FYI – I personally do not translate or publish my own books so any future languages will depend on whether a publisher in a particular country picks up my work. Which means as much as I’d like to, I’m not able to take reader requests.

Will Thorne brothers from ST. MARY’S REBELS get their own book?

Yes! Each brother will have their own book. In fact, that’s exactly what I’m working on right now. Their series is called BAD BOYS OF BARDSTOWN. The first book, YOU BEAUTIFUL THING, YOU (Ledger and Tempest’s story) is now up for preorder.

 Will you write more about Thomas and Layla from THE UNREQUITED?

My love for Thomas and Layla is so immense. However, I don’t think I’ll be a writing a full-length novel for them. That being said, I love writing short exclusive scenes for my newsletter subscribers and I’d love to visit Thomas and Layla again to see how they’re doing.

Will you write a sequel for Salem and Arrow (or any other characters) from ST. MARY’S REBELS?

It takes me a long time to write and finish a book so no, I’m not going to write a sequel for any of the characters from SMR. But I may write scenes here and there as I do with all my characters and send it out in my newsletter

 Will Duke and Sky from GODS & MONSTERS get their own book?

For the longest time, they weren’t speaking to me so their book was on hold. But I think I’ve got something for them and so it’s back on my schedule! Their book is called GOD AMONGST MEN. I’ll update everyone when I have definite news about them.

Will Tristan and Renn from MEDICINE MAN will get their own book?

Yes! They are on my list as well. If only I could type faster! I do have a title for their book though and it’s called DOPAMINE.

Will Fallon and Dean from MEDICINE MAN get their own book?

Yes! Their short story called Guys My Age was published in an anthology called Mixtape last year. However, since then, I’ve unpublished it and worked on it to expand and revamp the story. It has a new cover, tons of added content and is now called CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’

Will Brendan and Rosie from CALIFORNIA DREAMIN’ will get their own book? 

Unfortunately, no. They will only appear in California Dreamin’.

Do you sell signed paperbacks and/or bookplates?

Yes! Signed paperbacks, hardcovers and bookplates can be found at my STORE.  

Do you attend signings?

Unfortunately, not at the moment.

Will you read and critique my work?

I love critiquing people’s work and I’d love to critique and help as many people as I can. Unfortunately due to my writing schedule, I won’t be able to. Although, there are some great critiquing websites such as, where critiquing partners or great beta readers can be found.

Who should I contact regarding foreign translations, audio, TV/Film and other publishing rights? 

Please contact Bethany Weaver of the Weaver Literary Agency