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All new series of forbidden romances featuring possessive cowboys and the women they’d do anything to keep.

Book 1: The Cowboy’s Beguiling Bride
Hero: Arsenal Grayson (Arsen)
Heroine: Reverie Bell
Tropes: Marriage of convenience; ex-con hero; virgin, down on her luck heroine; age gap

Book 2: The Cowboy’s Wanton Wish
Hero: Axton Grayson (Ax)
Heroine: Beacon Grayson
Tropes: Adopted siblings; childhood romance

Book 3: The Cowboy’s Mail-order Mistress
Hero: Radisson King (Rad)
Heroine: Fable Walker
Tropes: Fake dating-ish; He orders her off a website so he has a convenient woman to sleep with; Age gap

Book 4: The Cowboy’s Lovelorn Lady
Hero: Marsden Grayson (Mars)
Heroine: Haven Grayson
Tropes: Marriage in crisis; Age gap